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First Eitech model ready

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From the Eitech kit I recently bought, I’ve built the fist model. Quite fun, and looks good. It was not difficult to put together, however it took some time getting used to the different pieces. Also, there were some very small places one had to get to in order to put on the nuts. Finally, the instructions could have been a bit more elaborate at some points. Or rather, they could have included more steps. By doing too many things at once, the pictures sometimes became a bit confusing and unclear. The instructions contained 16 steps to build this car. If it had been a Lego model, it would probably have been three times that number, for the same number of parts.

Here’s some building and finished pictures.

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Eitech Construction: Metal Building Toys

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While in Mexico recently, I picked up a fun construction set in metal, by Eitech. It has beams, nuts and bolts, wheels and other special parts to build one out of three models of industrial vehicles. Below is the kit I bought, but there is a wide range of other models, kits and experiments.

Since it was imported from Germany, I probably paid a high markup at 1100 pesos or 66 Euros. However, since I’ve yet to find the exact set, I cannot compare it. And more importantly, it was from a place which focused on robotic courses for young kids. While we were there, four kids were running around trying to program Lego Mindstorm robots to do line following. I’ll happily support a shop like that in what must have been its first few months of business.

Other great kits from Eitech includes a 60 cm long model of an old steam locomotive, and a 1.25 m tall model of the Eiffel Tower, including lights! The later I’ve found at PöppelShop for only 150 Euros. Probably have no choice but to get that one! Girders & Gears also have a good selection of the kits, as does Amazon.