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Andor’s Trail

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Andor’s Trail is a free and open (FOSS) single player RPG for Android. Although still under heavy development, the game is already fully playable, and the world map, quests and story is very impressive, with more to come.

Recently, an updated beta version was released, with even more maps and quests. The game is available from the FOSS market, and Google’s Play Market.

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Cool Linux games on Fedora

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Linux might not be famous for its games, however there are still plenty around. You will not find the latest Call of Duty, though. Rather, there is a long list of classics and small and fun games. From the Scumm based offerings from Revolution, to remakes of classics like Freeciv, LinCity, and Ultimates Stunts.

Fedora offers a dedicated “spin” installation for games, which offers more than hundred small and big games. Below is a random pick of a few favourites, along with their RPM package names.

As far as I understand, many of them are OpenGL based, or require a properly configured graphics card to run.

  • Beneath a Steel Sky – beneath-a-steel-sky-cd
  • Lure of the Temptress – lure
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen – flight-of-the-amazon-queen-cd
  • Freeciv – freeciv
  • Glaxium – glaxium
  • Mania Drive – maniadrive
  • Ultimates Stunts – ultimatestunts
  • Tremulous – tremulous
  • Abuse – abuse
  • LinCity – lincity-ng

And to install them all!

yum install beneath-a-steel-sky-cd lure flight-of-the-amazon-queen-cd freeciv glaxium maniadrive ultimatestunts tremulous abuse lincity-ng

WINE, DOSBox, Doom and Hero’s Quest

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WINE version 1.0 was announced today, and this got me thinking maybe I could run some of the old games I used to play some 15 years ago. Well, at that time, Windows wasn’t needed at all, so I turned to another great project: DOSBox, an excellent MS-DOS emulator, focusing primarily on games.

So I had to dig out some old games then. Doom seemed like a natural first choice, and after a bit of shifting through various groups, it ran fine. In fact, below you can see a screenshot of Doom, Doom II and Hero’s Quest all running at the same time under Fedora 9.


yum install dosbox

Today, this gave me dosbox.i386 0.72-4.fc9.


* Start up by simply typing: dosbox
* In the DOS-terminal, type: CONFIG -writeconf dosbox.conf
* Exit the terminal by typing “exit”
* You will now find the file dosbox.conf in your current directory.
* Move and rename this file: mv dosbox.conf ~/.dosboxrc
* Next time you start DOSBox, it should say: “CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /home/username/.dosboxrc”


On the initial start up, DOSBox gave the following error messages, which many people have reported:

MIXER:Can’t open audio: No available audio device , running in nosound mode.
ALSA:Can’t subscribe to MIDI port (65:0) nor (17:0)

To start with the last issue, the MIDI port. This was easily fixed by updating the midi-section in the .doxboxrc config file created above. Theses settings works for my onboard “VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller”


The second issue required the PulseAudio server to be started. Simply typing pulseaudio will take care of that. You can verify that it is working correctly by runnging paplay /usr/share/sounds/generic.wav, and you should hear a small sound.

After this DOSBox reported no more errors, and would play both MIDI and sound effects. For some games, you need to “install.exe”/”setup.exe” to set the sound properties. Make sure the IRQ, DMA and port settings match the settings in your .dosboxrc. (Had you also almost forgotten your favourite IRQ/DMA setting? :D )

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Heli Invasion 2 – addictive Flash game

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Try out this super cool Flash game:

Also, make sure you download Firefox 3, so you can increase the Flash app by pressing CTRL++

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Doom on Nokia N80

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Yes, the headline is correct. Tonight I just installed the classic FPS on my mobile! It is in fact rendering very well, and quicker than what I remember from 15 years back on the PC. True, the CPU on the mobile is probably ten times faster than the 33 MHz 386 we had at home, and the screen is very small, but I’m still impressed.

Two downloads are required:
1. The engine by Markus Mertama (go for the free “Core” shareware option)
(I had to transfer the SIS file to the memory card, since the “Services” application on the phone did not manage to read it as a binary.)

2. The WAD (resource) file, shareware edition. You can get it here:

Make sure you put the WAD file under E:\wads (on the memory card).

Now, you might think that is quite nifty. But it gets better! I recently bought a SU-W8 wireless bluetooth keyboard. And of course it works perfectly with the game too! Including CTRL for firing and ALT+LEFT/RIGHT arrows for strafing.

If the engine could flip the view 90 degrees to use more of the screen space, it would be perfect!

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Retro game: Skooter

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Just dug up the old MSX and found the Skooter game, which was about the only one we had some 20 years ago. Here it is in a remake for Windows:

Now I just want it for my phone. :)

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Bush Presidency as Infocom text adventure

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If you have play any kind of text based adventure games, or especially the first, Adventure, this will make you laugh till you cry:

Oval Office
You are standing inside a White House, having just been elected to the presidency of the United States. You knew Scalia would pull through for you.

There is a large desk here, along with a few chairs and couches. The presidential seal is in the middle of the room and there is a full-length mirror upon the wall.

What do you want to do now?


Read the rest here:

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