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Raspberry Pi 3 with Wifi and Bluetooth on sale now for $35

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation is not holding back. Since the original Raspberry Pi B launched four years ago, there has been a steady stream of new devices and upgrades: The much improved Raspberry Pi 2 came out two years ago, and it was just before Christmas that the tiny form-factor Pi Zero launched. Today, they’ve announced another upgrade in the form of Raspberry Pi 3 B, also selling for $35.

Apart from an upgrade to a 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, the most exiting news is the integrated 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1. Ideally, it means that no other external devices are needed, assuming that a Bluetooth keyboard works (sometimes they can be flaky).

This will likely be a hit, so expect to wait for some time for stocks to fill up with the different retailers. And of course, the stated price might not be obtainable if buying locally.

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Motors and robotics

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Looking at the 12 V stepper motor at SparkFun, I came across a few other fun links. Including instructions for stepper motor wiring, a DIY surveillance camera, and an example project for the Arudino, using an EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver. Also interesting, were the hardware suppliers: here’s some clamping shaft couplers from ServoCity, and lots more from McMaster-Carr.

Finally, I was eyeing up on of the robotics kits at SparkFun: “The POP-BOT is an Arduino compatible, mobile robotic platform. It comes complete with wheels, motors, sensors, software, documentation, etc. The POP-168’s pin-out is similar to the Arduino Stamp“.

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