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Physical tone matrix

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As an update to yesterday’s post on the Tone Matrix, here’s a very stylish realization from the Reenigne blog. Featuring 16×16 LED lights (just like the Flash app),  the same number of switches (using simple wire and conducting through the finger), and an Arduino / ATmega328 controller.

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Monome as Tone Matrix

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The Tone Matrix by Andre Michelle is making its rounds. It seems this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement in hardware, using the 4×4 button pad. Or in other words, a 16×16 Monome.

Controlling RGB Matrices with Arduino

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SparkFun just put a new tutorial on controlling their 8×8 RGB matrix with an Arduino. It includes a new library, so things should be easy to set up. Hopefully, I will be able to report back on my own project using this later.

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