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More Small Fonts

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As an update to the MiniFonts post, here is an even smaller one from Adam Borowski. At 4 pixels wide and 6 high, it probably does not get much smaller.

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Small Fonts

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With small electronics and a LED matrix, you never know when a small font can come in handy. Here are some small pixel fonts and icons.

From Best Flash 2.2, there’s several freeware fonts. And over at Brainstorm and Raves, they spotted the Itsibitsi icons from MiniFonts. They also have several other tiny fonts, including Atom, with a cap height of only 6 pixels.

Smallduino: Ardweeny

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Here’s probably the smallest fully functional Arudino out there: Ardweeny. At $10 from Maker Shed, you can’t go wrong. They market it as a bread board item, however I can’t see why you could not include it in a permanent project as well.

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