This morning I was just putting in the last bits after the reinstall of Fedora 8. Installing has really become a breeze with all the repositories around. For a guide to some of the steps, see this helpful guide:

"Personal Fedora 8 Installation Guide" by Mauriat Miranda

For the quick version:

rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh

yum -y install gqview glipper gstreamer-plugins-ugly vcdimager dvdauthor mjpegtools mencoder gnome-mplayer mplayer-fonts kino xine libdvdcss amarok xmms-mp3 kdemultimedia-extras k3b-extras-nonfree kover libcddb azureus bittorrent-gui mozplugger gtkpod hugin digikam enblend easytag pidgin-otr bash-completion obexfs flash-plugin AdobeReader_enu amarok-extras-nonfree vlc

wget -O /tmp/all-20071007.tar.bz2
mkdir -p /usr/lib/codecs
tar -jxvf /tmp/all-20071007.tar.bz2 --strip-components 1 -C /usr/lib/codecs/

This should take care of most media players, flash and pdf plugins and iPod support through gtkpod, plus a few other goodies.