A few days ago I set up the Arduino development kit on Fedora 11. Here the steps for Ubuntu 8.04 follow, based on this. I was using a slightly custom setup, so the Java install is assumed, and the extra repository suggested here (Problems Ubuntu 8.04 amd64) was not added. Instead I download the packages directly. Furthermore, I wound that it was better to go for a setup in my home directory, as you frequently have to tweak libraries and other files.

Finally, this includes a new library for DHCP by Jordan Terrell.

sudo apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc binutils-avr avrdude uisp

# Add your personal user to these groups: dialout, uucp
sudo emacs /etc/group

cd ~
mkdir arduino
cd arduino

# Download stuff for manual installation.
wget http://arduino.googlecode.com/files/arduino-0017.tgz
tar zxvf arduino-0017.tgz

wget http://rxtx.qbang.org/pub/rxtx/rxtx-2.2pre2-bins.zip
unzip rxtx-2.2pre2-bins.zip

wget http://www.thepotterproject.net/NewSoftSerial%20JL.zip
unzip "NewSoftSerial JL.zip"

wget http://www.thepotterproject.net/Picaso.zip
unzip Picaso.zip -d Picaso

wget http://blog.jordanterrell.com/public/Arduino-DHCPv0.4.zip
unzip Arduino-DHCPv0.4.zip -d dhcp

# Use the new avrdude
cd arduino-0017/hardware/tools; rm avrdude avrdude.conf; ln -s /usr/bin/avrdude; ln -s /etc/avrdude.conf; ll; cd -

# Use the new RXTX
cd arduino-0017/lib; rm librxtxSerial.so RXTXcomm.jar; ln -s ../../rxtx-2.2pre2-bins/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/librxtxSerial.so; ln -s ../../rxtx-2.2pre2-bins/RXTXcomm.jar; ll; cd -

# Make NewSoftSerial, Picaso, and Dhcp libraries available
cd arduino-0017/hardware/libraries; ln -s ../../../NewSoftSerial; ln -s ../../../Picaso; ln -s ../../../dhcp; ll; cd -

That was the basic setup, which should hopefully work in most cases. However, for gcc version 4.2.2 there is a special issue with the gcc-avr package. I'll download it and update manually.

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