The $25/35 Raspberry Pi matchbox computer finally launched today, after much anticipation, impatience and extremely clever marketing. In the last few days, their web servers have been overwhelmed by the people hitting re-fresh to know when the device will go on sale. When it finally did, both distributor web sites melted. The 10k units produced were sold out before lunch.

So, if you're like me, and did not get a device this time around, you might want to join the support group over at Slashdot. There you will find people crying like kids who missed Santa. If it was kids, that would be one thing, but some of these crying guys actually have jobs. Amazing. Then there was one guy who had missed the weekly, or almost daily articles and didn't know what this stampede was about. I guess he didn't get one either.

Well, there will be more of these devices, and then some bugs might even be ironed out.