Update: This project turned out to be too good too be true, at least for now. Wired has a brief article on the problems of the project, and why it was canceled by Kickstarter.

However, as the developer Germar says: “This would have been a success even if we’d raised $10,000. - This is a place to start.” (The project went above $600.000 before it was canceled).

I just backed the KickStarter project "anonabox". It's a drop-in Tor hardware router, which makes all outgoing traffic anonymous without any user configuration. As seen in the picture, it connects between your incoming ISP point, and your laptop. Or, the other way around, where the box itself pickup up a foreign Wifi signal, and give you a wired hotspot. Or where the laptop in the picture is connected over wifi instead of wired.

At the price of $50, I ordered two, to be delivered beginning of next year. The Kickstarter has already gone almost 100x above their set goal of $7500, so they might have some extra work to backfill orders. The project looks promising though, with the device to be shipped already in its fourth generation of development.

Order yours now! There's still 26 days to go.