From the ZDNet article: "Microsoft (...) is adding the PC equivalent of a flight data recorder to the next version of Windows. [The tool] will provide Microsoft with much deeper information, including what programs were running at the time of the error and even the contents of documents that were being created".

They claim that the user is in control of what is sent, however admit that "If [business customers] wanted total information, they could configure systems so that they'd know not only that a user was running Internet Explorer, for example, but also that he or she was watching a video from Or, they might find out not only that a worker was running Instant Messenger but also that he or she was talking to a co-worker about getting a new job."

I say, why not call a spade a spade. This is nothing but an extension of the US Total Information Awareness initiative. If it is found that a particular user was looking at content deemed politically or socially incorrect at the time, I am sure no alarm bells will go off. And should the trustworthy US regime ask Microsoft for information on specific content or users, I'm would trust Microsoft to keep their archives shut. After all, they have no incentives to lick up to the corrupt government that upholds their OS monopoly.

Wouldn't you agree?
Think again!

Personally, I'd feel safer with the keys hanging on the door handle outside my house, than Microsoft anywhere inside it.