Gates recently had to defend his PC component based model, and claims that it is far from over. Here is jkrise's take on the issue:

The PC era can be declared over, if and when:

1. Windows Vista - Service Pack 2 is released.
2. Microsoft releases a complete OS under "GPL 3.0 or later".
3. Software patents are declared illegal in the US.
4. Chinese firm releases complete PC - hardware and software, fully developed and built in-house - at under $100.
5. SCO defeats IBM and buys RedHat.
6. nVidia releases GPL drivers.
7. Symantec withdraws from security market, declaring Vista is 'unbreakable'.
8. DRM is declared illegal, DMCA revoked, and the RIAA dissolved.
9. Hurd 1.0 is available for download.
10. No more chairs in the Chair-Man's Office at Redmond.