Somebody made the "mistake" of not testing their new web app for IE.

Here's NoMoreNicksLeft's response:

Ah. Don't worry, anyone could make this mistake... I made it myself once. You see, they aren't internet users, but cretinous rejects that don't really "use" the internet. They sort of stumble through it, not really understanding anything and being confused even when things do work as intended.

Allow me to illustrate. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful natural formation... awe-inspiring and wonderful. The word majestic might as well have been invented for that place. But if you want to really see it, to climb down the side, it's a grueling experience. It could even be unsafe if you were out of shape or infirm. Such people, if they want to go down the side, they need to get into shape, make certain they won't trip over their own feet and plummet to their death. This is unfortunate that some can't see it this way... it is the sort of thing everyone should see.

But just because it is unfortunate and that everyone should see it, this doesn't mean I advocate carving up with jackhammers the thousands of feet worth of cliff face, importing it indoors to some supermall where 400 lb fatasses can take a glass elevator up and down the thing and "experience" it. It would be destructive to do so, to an extent that is beyond words.

In the same way, we shouldn't do the same to cool webapps. If you just don't have what it takes to view webpages (and IE isn't a browser but an operating system component), then people that make webpages are not obligated to try to let you see them and are fools if they do anyway.

Everytime I see an error like this (and actually only from links and screenshots), I imagine the sound of some obese motherfucker screaming "AAAAaaaaaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!" and then the big splatter when they reach the bottom of the canyon. You should too.