Yes, the headline is correct. Tonight I just installed the classic FPS on my mobile! It is in fact rendering very well, and quicker than what I remember from 15 years back on the PC. True, the CPU on the mobile is probably ten times faster than the 33 MHz 386 we had at home, and the screen is very small, but I'm still impressed.

Two downloads are required:
1. The engine by Markus Mertama (go for the free "Core" shareware option)
(I had to transfer the SIS file to the memory card, since the "Services" application on the phone did not manage to read it as a binary.)

2. The WAD (resource) file, shareware edition. You can get it here:

Make sure you put the WAD file under E:\wads (on the memory card).

Now, you might think that is quite nifty. But it gets better! I recently bought a SU-W8 wireless bluetooth keyboard. And of course it works perfectly with the game too! Including CTRL for firing and ALT+LEFT/RIGHT arrows for strafing.

If the engine could flip the view 90 degrees to use more of the screen space, it would be perfect!