For our last two weeks holiday, we wondered how to save the plants while we were gone. Asking somebody to look after them was an option then, however might not be in the future. Thus started a quest for watering system. The Gardena T1030 fit the bill perfectly. It runs on four AA batteries, and can be programmed to water on specific intervals, duration, and time of day. Perhaps the best feature, is how the programming is implemented. You slide some small plastic levers, which covers holes in a hard plastic card. Once done, the card is inserted into the watering unit, read and programmed. In effect, it is old punch-card technology making a robust, waterproof and easy to use solution.

And here, some pictures of our set up. Oh, and the Heineken keg? Turn out it had a useful form which fit the watering unit nicely. Also worth noting is the attachment to the water tank. It was not purpose made, and was leaking on the first try. Some Sugru took care of that.