More scavenging of old parts, this time from an Epson ink printer. Trust me, if you get your hands on a used printer, it's best to just throw it away. It's the dirtiest computer junk there is, with all of the inside covered in ink. The motors in there are probably not worth more than 10 Euros. However, if you're reading this, it might already be too late.

Stepper EM-438

The stepper motor for the paper looks solid. However, there is no documentation what so ever on it. I just became yet another guy asking for a data sheet. I did find one video from somebody who have gotten it to run, though.

DC RS-455PA-15200

The second motor was a simple DC motor. The data sheet was easy to find. It's from Mabuchi Motor, has a 12 - 42 V operating range, and draws 330 mA at maximum efficiency.