Next week, the "six strikes" system in the "war against downloaders" will take effect in the US. The music and movie industry has lobbied (and paid for) this law. However, it seems it might not have the desired effect, lest people are very compliant. After the first couple of times, you might get a warning, and have to complete courses on how to secure your Wifi. At the sixth strike, your Internet speed will be slowed down for a couple of days. However, after the 7th, 8th and 9th time, nothing else is in store for you. So, your duty as a freedom loving citizen is to pirate as much as possible, and break free from the whole system after six warnings you can happily ignore.

On an international scale it gets even more interesting. For their reluctance to comply with US law, Spain and Canada have been put on a special US "watch list". Now, in Spain's case, it is interesting that it seems it is actually legal to both upload and download copyrighted material, as long as it is not for commercial profit. Being on this "watch list" is in fact a sign of living in a country that care more about their citizens than old fat American corporations.

So, make sure you pirate to contribute to a free society, and get your country listed as a free nation.

Enjoy your weekend!